ecomotive is your competent partner for deliveries of additives for cars and trucks to optimize performance and long-life of technical component.


why additives?

High performance additives improve the lubrication of motor, injection pump, turbo charger and transmission.

* performance of the vehicle is improved. Better lubrication results in more available performance for sporty drivers and can result in less consumption for trucks.

* Operational reliability is increased. The motor starts better with extreme temperatures. In cas e of oil-loss the emergency characteristics are improved. Motor, turbo charger, injection pump and transmission wear and tear less.

* Operation costs of the vehicles are reduced. Compared to the normal use of a car you will normally need less motor oil, consume less fuel, and you will have less repairs.

* The driving comfort rises. All lubricated mechanical parts run smoother and have less vibrations and noise.



additives (from Latin: „additivum“, to add, added) also called adjuvants, are substances that are put into products in small quantities to enhance their qualities.

Additives are used to have a positive effect on the burning process of fuel and the lubricating effect in oils.


General information

There are many kinds of additives for different kinds of use. Some are removing dirt, some are minimizing wear and tear and so on. In all kinds of oils that you can buy in the shops small amounts of additives are already included.

Like with many products there are big differences in the quality. So the results received are therefore also very different.

Many oils that can be bought in the shops consist of long-chain molecules. They are losing effectiveness over time due added low-quality additives. A high price or fully-synthetic oils often do not make a difference here.