Strategy and guidelines

Our main work as consultants lies in making concepts for and leading projects in the area of renewable energies, environmental management, ecobalancing and corporate environmental strategies such as CSR, etc. We focus mainly on the economical implementation of such projects.

Our corporate guidelines are solution orientation, a holistic approach, humanity, efficiency, sustainability, future orientation, cooperation and team orientation.

Our working field is international.

Revolutionary innovation for biomass heating plants

Ecomotive consults companies and institutions that are interested to use innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.

Since 2003 ecomotive is registered consultant, specialised in renewable energy and environmental questions. „We do what others are dreaming of, combining economy and environment“.

That this is possible more often than one thinks ecomotive is proving daily with its projects.
Marketing studies for new products, implementation of projects for institutions, companies and municipalities. Environmental protection is our daily work.

„We are only working on solutions that are more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than existing ones so that all stakeholders have advantages, real win-win situations“.

The latest sensational step by ecomotive was the market introduction of a new system for biomass heating plants. This system does not use big storage buildings but instead modern silo technology for the storage of the biomass. This insures a safe, dustless, fully-automatic operation with smallest footprint.

Normally the costs for workers and machines that are filling or moving the biomass to maintain the operation are not calculated at all or with too small amounts. Very often biomass heating plants are situated on own ground and therefore these costs are also left out of the calculation. In Austria this miscalculations often lead to the fact that biomass heating plants are operating just above or even under the break-even point.

This is not necessary if you look at the advantages of ecomotive's new biomass system: Our system can also use diverse raw materials, like straw, woodchips or corncobs - also in mixtures – enabling the customer to stay flexible and competitive in the choice of biomass. We can use farmer's residues as well as other biomass that is abundantly available and cheap. In addition to that the emissions of the system are far below future standards.

Ecomotive that also worked on projects in Brazil, Bulgaria and Romania is also working on the market introduction of a completely new biomass drying system that works without using extra heat. Instead it uses mechanical and physically drying processes in combination.

It combines drying and grinding in one process and therefore enables the use of more wet biomasses in an efficient and economical way.
Ecomotive also engages in EU projects together with Bulgarian NGOs.
„There is a lot more to do“. We are looking forward to many exciting future projects.